Filmmaking. Take two.

We're about to revolutionize how movies are made...


All of your projects,
past & present

ProductionCliq doesn't store your projects on your phone. Or on your computer. We put everything in the cloud, so all your data is just a tap away.


Platform agnostic & device ambiguous...


Real-time, updated Locations for everyone

Welcome to the 21st century. There's no need for printed-out pages of directions or confusing maps. ProductionCliq makes it clear where to go, with built-in mapping to show exactly how to get there.

Keep them up to date, even with last minute changes...



Say goodbye to walkie rentals & check-outs

Our ProductionWalkie is an always-on feed for everyone from the production office to the wardrobe team. Separate, distinctive channels for teams, private channels for the director & producer, as well as direct one-on-one messaging.


Oh, and 30 seconds of audio transcription...


Capture data as it happens with Timeclock

Keeping track of everyone's comings & goings is seamless when you combine ProductionCliq Timeclock and Locations. Make sure your cast & crew are where they should be, and know their precise times.

Don't worry, you can export to Union reports & more!


All controllable via tablet, desktop or laptop

Set-up your projects, manage your teams, tag your scripts, make your shotlists, create your schedule & so much more.

We told you we were about to revolutionize filmmaking, didn't we?

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